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Data Rocks!

We at Data Rocks believe in the power of a data-driven philosophy to improve every aspect of your products, organization, and processes. Our passion is to help our partners and clients establish a scientific, fact-based, and lean approach that drives an innovative mindset and learning culture.

As a team, we're offering our experience in software engineering, innovating, lean and data-driven organizations, as well as project management with you!

We are looking forward to working with you as professional service providers, or by realizing projects collaboratively as partners.

What We Are Standing For

Our values are the core of our business and our commitment to our clients.

Promote a learning mentality. Follow a scientific approach.

Be committed to social and ecological sustainability.

Never compromise integrity. Trust your team. Test the limits. Control the risks.

Clients are our partners. We are committed to their success. We learn and grow together.

How We Will Support You

We love to get our hands dirty and to apply our expertise by helping businesses to improve and to strive. But we are also convinced that getting involved in such essential and internal topics as mission, culture, and change requires a lot of trust. Trust needs to form and grow based on an increasing level of involvement and partnership. We see every organization as a unique, complex system, with a distinct history in a continuous process of adaptation to its environment. This is why we won’t propose a standard approach to restructure your organization and by following a secret sauce recipe. We are looking for long term engagements where we learn and evolve together and jointly define and implement the optimal solution for your organization and your business domain.

Levels of Engagement

Following this philosophy, we offer a model of three complementary levels of engagement.

Helping You to Understand the Status Quo

A successful journey to improve your organization starts with the aim to better understand the status quo. We will support you with a non-intrusive initial analysis and propose additional measurements to improve your organizational insights.

Enable You to Implement the Change

Our initial analysis gives you the chance to get familiar with our philosophy and approach. As the next level of engagement, we offer you our expertise as coaches and advisors on the strategic and tactical level to further implement a learning and data driven organization.

Drive the Change and Build Up New Areas

We want you to succeed in your ambitions. When it comes to implementation, we offer two routes: Firstly, we help to get your team up and running with the new tools and processes as fast as possible. Here, we focus on a collaborative approach and train your team to implement and drive the change. Secondly, where you lack a team, we can offer interim management to implement new processes, build up the required resources, and lead the change.

Our Offering

We see ourselves as researchers, coaches, facilitators, and implementers. We live what we promote and create tools to support our clients to grow learning organizations.


Product & Technology

Count on our experience to assess, develop, and rapidly prototype new ideas. We build robust but light architecture around big data, allowing you to launch and deliver continuously, speed up your innovation, analyze product-market fit, and manage new product introductions effectively. Our target-driven approach helps you develop and launch new products quicker and manage product and technology lifecycles consciously.

People & Process

Get your team to work data-driven and agile. We can support you in setting up effective project organizations and a transparent program structure across your new development and innovation projects. Our unique ways of working help your teams utilize data to self-manage and deliver towards agreed targets. Continuous optimization metrics help to create lasting benefits.

The Team

Katharina, Marco, and Sebastian founded Datarocks to help other businesses to unlock their potential with scientific-based, data-driven management systems and processes that support flow, lead time reductions, and adoption of a learning culture. We are a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds. We already worked together in past positions to launch new products, ideas, and ventures in complex international corporate environments. As a team, we rely on each other's strengths and competence and challenge each other to generate the best outcome for our clients.
Katharina van Daele brings with her a wealth of experience in building online businesses and marketplaces. Her expertise lies in the intersection of aligning growth ambitions with the product-market fit, and helping organizations and individuals realize their potential. With a Master's degree in International Business from the University of Edinburgh, her career spanned assignments in London, Oslo and Vienna, working for large tech firms as well as agile start-ups. Moving to Zurich in 2018, Katharina met her Data Rocks co-founders at R3PI, and currently works for UBS and advises Fair Voyage, a sustainable travel platform.
Marco Kneubühler has over 18 years of professional experience in software development and software architecture, as well as in project and program management. He did his M.Sc./Diploma in computer science at the University of Zürich, has a Master of Advanced Studies in Project Management (Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich), and is Hermes 5 Advanced certified. Before Marco founded Datarocks, he held management and senior management positions in Swiss and international based companies.
Sebastian Schmelzer has over 15 years of professional experience in software development, system-engineering, software-architecture, and security. He studied computer science at the University of Freiburg i.Br. (Diploma / M.Sc. in Computer Science). Prior to Data Rocks AG, he worked as a software developer, system engineer, platform & enterprise architect and was leading teams in the field of architecture and DevOps. He was a member of the board of the Swiss Internet Security Alliance.

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